As of December 2019 four complexes with 118 aviaries have been completed in the PCBArk, Taman Safari Indonesia.

Construction of the next two complexes with 62 aviaries in total will start in January 2020 (Please look at "Complexes" and scroll to Songbird units 5 to 6).

Site Plan of the Prigen-Conservation-Breeding-Ark. 

Arrows 1 -7 are the Sonbird complexes (1 - 4 completed);

Arrow 11 is the Warty pig enclosure;

Arrows 8 - 10 will be the Parrots complexes;

Arrow 12 is the Javan small-toothed Palm-civet enclosure;

Arrow 13 is the office;

Arrow 14 is the security-tower

The semiwild F 1 generation of Black-winged Mynah hatched in the field 2016 in Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor/Cisarua.

Taman Safari Group is proud to say we are now three times successful with releasing three species of starlings.


1. TSI/Bogor/Cisarua the Black-winged Myna

2. TSI/Zoo Bandung the Javan Myna and

3. PSMP/Bali/Gianyur the Bali Starling